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Spotify on Wear OS: Learn how to download offline playlists and control your music

Master the app from the wrist with these tips and tricks
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Spotify on a Wear OS smartwatch is now a much more complete experience than it used to be, with users finally able to enjoy offline listening, LTE streaming and more.

What was a fairly tepid app on older versions of Wear has been reborn for Wear OS 3, with the likes of the Google Pixel Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch and more able to enjoy the benefits.

With the Spotify on-wrist app much fuller, though, there's also plenty more to understand about using it. And that's where this guide can help. 

Below, we've explained everything from downloading the app to using it to 

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Download Spotify on Wear OS

Wareablespotify how to download

With the arrival of Wear OS 3, downloading apps is a much cleaner experience on the wrist. Whether you want to download the Spotify Wear OS app from your Google Play Store on your wrist or on your phone, the choice is yours. Simply follow these steps.

Download Spotify from your Wear OS 3 smartwatch

1. Make sure your smartwatch is connected to Wi-Fi or cellular.

2. On your Wear smartwatch, access the Google Play Store.

3. Search using voice or the keyboard for 'Spotify'.

4. Tap on the listing for Spotify and hit 'Install' on the icon.

5. The app should then download onto your smartwatch.

Tip: Return to this listing if you want to uninstall the app.

Download Spotify for Wear OS from your smartphone

1. On your phone, access the Google Play Store.

2. Find the 'Essential watch apps' section or search for 'watch apps'.

4. Find the listing for Spotify, tap it and hit 'Install'. 

5. The app should then download onto your smartwatch.

Set up Spotify on Wear OS

Once you have the Spotify app downloaded to your Wear smartwatch, you'll need to sign in and connect your account to the device.

1. Open the Spotify app on your Wear OS smartwatch.

2. A prompt will show on the watch screen for the Spotify pairing page, from which you can enter the code and login. However, you can also select the prompt to pair the account from your phone, at which point your phone or tablet will open and ask for login details.

3. Once you've selected your preferred method of logging in, the app should pair with your account and be ready to open on the watch.

Spotify on Wear OS: What you can do

Wareablespotify offline listening wear os

1. Cellular/LTE streaming

If you have a compatible smartwatch, you're able to access the Spotify app on the go and not worry about clogging up your device's internal storage space.

This is obviously very handy for when you want to choose from your wider library on the fly, and is a new introduction through the Wear OS version of the app.

2. Download for offline playback

As shown above, the Spotify Wear OS app will provide you with the option to 'Download to Watch', provided you're connected to Wi-Fi or cellular.

How much you're able to store is dictated to by your smartwatch's internal storage, but it's a superb feature that's great for when you need a reliable source of music or podcasts.

Once you select the watch as your source, you'll then be taken to a watch-specific version of your library that shows only downloaded content - unless you have cellular support enabled, of course.

You will need to be a Spotify Premium subscriber to take advantage of downloading music to your watch, but Spotify Free users can download podcasts at will.

3. Control music

The Spotify control on the wrist includes being able to pause, skip forward and skip back on the music playing from the watch.

A green ring will sit around the pause/play icon to show you how far a track you are, and will pop up no matter whether you're listening through the watch or on another device.

Wareablespotify connect wear os

4. Play to Spotify Connect devices

Spotify Connect is also supported through the app, which means you can send music to play on a nearby compatible device. This could be a smart speaker, your laptop, or perhaps even your phone – there are plenty to choose from.

To do so, just hit the icon in the bottom right when a track is playing and select your preferred player.

5. Add songs to your Spotify library

You can add music to your library straight from the Wear OS Spotify app. Tap the heart in the bottom-left corner, and the song will be added to your music library.

To retrieve it, just go to the 'Liked songs' playlist in your Spotify library or select the 'Songs' tab.

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