Xiaomi Smart Band 9 spotted - official announcement could arrive soon

The next-gen fitness tracker picks up a certification in China
Wareable Xiaomi Smart Band 9 leak
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Xiaomi could be close to officially announcing the Smart Band 9, with a radio certification spotted online appearing to reference two variants of the next-gen fitness tracker

The activity band is widely expected to be released in the company's native China this spring ahead of a wider rollout later this year, and this eagle-eyed spot appears to confirm its existence. 

Last year, the Smart Band 8 was first revealed by Xiaomi (alongside the Xiaomi 13 Ultra) in April before being joined by a Smart Band 8 Pro model a few months later. It delivered a dual-band design and Pebble Mode, and remains one of our top recommendations for those hunting for a new fitness tracker. 

Unfortunately, though, very little is known about the Smart Band 9 at this stage.

Xiaomi's filing to the State Radio Regulation of China supposedly hints at two versions of the tracker, but there's nothing else of note from what we can make out.

SRRCxiaomi smart band 9 certification

The 'M2345B1' and 'M2346B1' in question here could very well hint at a standard and NFC-ready version of the Smart Band 9, but we should note that the device isn't explicitly mentioned in this certification. We're simply going off the speculation of various China-based outlets at present.

If last year's launch is anything to go by, we should have the full details over the next month or so. Even this is unclear, though, as it's naturally contingent on a Xiaomi event taking place in China. At the time of writing, there's nothing scheduled in this regard. 

We'll keep our eye on this one over the coming weeks - expect to hear more as we get closer to the Smart Band 8's first anniversary.

Source: ITHome

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