OnePlus Watch 2 officially teased - and the smartwatch will feature 100-hour battery

Yet it's still not clear whether the watch will run Wear OS
OnePlus OnePlus Watch 2
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After plenty of leaks and rumors over the last couple of months, OnePlus has officially announced that the Watch 2 will be launched at MWC 2024 - with the smartwatch boasting 100-hour battery life. 

The Watch 2 will only get a full reveal at the Barcelona tech expo this Sunday (25 February), though the company has divulged a couple of key details about the upcoming smartwatch in its announcement blog post - and shown us exactly what it looks like. 

Notorious for drip-feeding announcements, though, we still don't know whether the watch will run on Wear OS - or, indeed, which version of Google's smartwatch platform it could debut with. 

OnePlus president Kinder Liu suggests that the device will feature meticulous health monitoring, with that 100-hour battery from a single charge also being reached with the watch's "full smart mode" in use - not with a battery-saver mode enabled. 

OnePlusOnePlus Watch 2


At first glance, the Watch 2 is a step in terms of design from the original, which proved to be a bit of a disaster when it launched back in 2021.

Summing up the OnePlus Watch 1, our reviewer James Stables said: "It's a nice looking and well-built device for the money, but it's not something we can recommend in good faith. As a fitness device, it's poor - and it has a feature set weaker than many budget smartwatches. Avoid."

This kind of feedback is something OnePlus president Kinder Liu acknowledged with the announcement of the Watch 2, noting that the company took "a reflective pause" and is now trying to transform from 'Flagship Killer' to 'Ecosystem Builder'."

We're looking forward to hearing more about what OnePlus has been working on with the Watch 2 - and are especially intrigued to put that 100-hour battery life to the test. Stay tuned for more following the full reveal.

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