1. Apple Watch X
  2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 series
  3. Google Pixel Watch 3
  4. Apple Watch Ultra 3
  5. Whoop 5.0
  6. Oura Ring Generation 4
  7. Garmin Fenix 8 - Epix 3
  8. Samsung Galaxy Ring
  9. Samsung Galaxy Fit 3
  10. OnePlus Watch 2
  11. Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Pro (global edition)
  12. Honor Band 9

The most exciting smartwatch and wearable launches coming in 2024

A comprehensive list of the devices rumored for this year
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With potential launches from Apple, Samsung, Garmin, Oura, and Whoop, 2024 is shaping up to be a colossal year for smartwatch and wearable arrivals. 

Official confirmations are still scarce at this early stage, but high-profile leaks and well-sourced rumors have already given us a clear idea of what to expect - and which dates to circle in our calendar. 

In this guide, we'll be tracking all the upcoming announcements we could (and should) see before the year is out. Once they've arrived, we'll also be putting them through their paces in our comprehensive reviews and buyer's guides, so keep an eye out for more in-depth analysis.

Apple Watch X

WareableApple Watch Series 10 X

ETA: September 2024

Apple's annual smartwatch launch is always a biggie, but this year might deliver even more than the typical, iterative upgrade we're used to. 

Firstly, the Apple Watch's 10th anniversary will occur during this cycle, which has led to strong speculation from insiders that the Cupertino company is planning a big overhaul - similar to what we saw with the iPhone X back in 2017.

If Apple continues to follow its pattern of a major overhaul after three generations, we should be in store for a major design overhaul, too. The Series 7-9 gave us the sleekest look yet, with a much more engaging display than what we saw through Series 4-6 and Series 1-3. 

Reliable rumors relating to upgrades are still few and far between - and the Apple Watch X could still very much just be called the Series 10 - but it feels as though this could be the most exciting Apple Watch launch in years.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 series

WareableSamsung Galaxy Watch 7

ETA: August 2024

Samsung continues to play second fiddle to Apple in the smartwatch market, but each new Galaxy Watch series represents a superb option for Android users.

It's very likely the same is true with the Galaxy Watch 7 - even with Wear OS partner Google now kicking into gear.

So far, we've seen speculation that the smartwatch line will debut Wear OS 5 and feature an updated Exynos chip, with it also possible the company will return to a 'Pro' edition after releasing a 'Classic' model for the Galaxy Watch 6. 

We already know Samsung is planning a big Galaxy AI push - and new Samsung Health features have already been teased - but it's still not entirely clear what the major hardware upgrades will be. 

Google Pixel Watch 3

WareableGoogle Pixel Watch 3

ETA: October 2024

After righting plenty of the OG Pixel Watch's wrongs with the Pixel Watch 2, Google is reportedly planning to launch the third-gen model later this year. 

The most exciting rumor so far indicates that two case sizes are finally set to be offered, and it'll almost definitely be the second device to get Wear OS 5 (following the Galaxy Watch 7).

There's not much else we know about the next Google smartwatch just yet, but there are plenty of upgrades we're hoping to see. 

Apple Watch Ultra 3

WareableApple Watch Ultra 3

ETA: September 2024

It wasn't necessarily clear whether Apple would align the Ultra smartwatch series into an annual upgrade cycle (as we've seen with the Apple Watch Series models), but last year's Ultra 2 launch appeared to have confirmed this.

And that means an Ultra 3 should be coming later this year as part of the company's annual September iPhone event.

At the time of writing, concrete inside information is relatively non-existent. However, it's long been rumored that Apple will offer a second case color (alongside the current titanium option) - with Ultra prototypes showing what this might look like. This feels very likely for the Ultra 3.

Another longstanding rumor - and one we're also half-expecting to be a feature of the Apple Watch X - is an Apple Watch Ultra device with a MicroLED display. 

We'll be compiling the hottest Apple Watch Ultra 3 rumors once more have emerged, so stay tuned for now.

Whoop 5.0

WareableWhoop 5.0

ETA: Late 2024

Unlike the major smartwatch OEMs, it can be a little tougher to try and figure out when companies like Whoop might launch their next-generation hardware. 

Given that Whoop 4.0 arrived in late 2021, though, it feels very likely we get some kind of update in 2024.

The current tracker is still one that stands up to scrutiny, and Whoop has done a superb job of enriching the subscription experience with new features in the last year or two, but it does also feel like it'll have to continue to innovate to stave off competition.

There are little to no rumors or hints from the company that new hardware is on the horizon, but we've made our Whoop 5.0 wish list and created a dedicated hub for any leaks that do pop up. Access it below.

Oura Ring Generation 4

WareableOura Ring Generation 4

ETA: Late 2024

Like Whoop, Oura only tends to offer upgrades when there's a big leap forward to be made. And, in reality, the Oura Ring Generation 3 is still very much at the top of the smart ring pile.

With that said, competition is becoming fierce for the Finnish company. Samsung is set to launch its first smart ring this year (more on that below), and startups Ultrahuman, Ringconn, and Movano have now all shipped solid efforts in the last year.

It's likely the Oura Ring Generation 4 is in the latter stages of development, if we had to guess, and a 2024 arrival would align with the previous launches as occurring every three years. As of now, though, there's not much to go off.

Garmin Fenix 8 - Epix 3

WareableGarmin Fenix 7 Epix 3

ETA: Summer 2024

We only received the mid-generation update - the Fenix 7 Pro and Epix Pro (Gen 2) - in the spring of 2023, but it appears fairly likely looking at Garmin's recent launch patterns that the next-gen Fenix and Epix will launch in 2024.

There aren't many reliable hints to go off just yet, but our workings out indicate that a summer 2024 launch is appearing likely for this pair. As we've stated in our wider coverage, we also wouldn't be too surprised if Garmin merged these two lines at some point soon.

We'll have to wait and see what the company has cooking, but we've got our fingers crossed for cellular support, a refreshed UI akin to the Forerunner line, and even better battery life. 

Samsung Galaxy Ring

SamsungSamsung Galaxy Ring

ETA: August 2024

After strong rumors over the previous couple of years, Samsung delivered a very exciting teaser at Galaxy Unpacked in January. 

Nobody has absolutely any idea how much it costs, or when it will launch, or what features it boasts, but we do know it's... a ring. From Samsung. A Samsung ring.

It's almost certain that the company will use its next Unpacked event - usually taking place in late July or early August - to give us a proper reveal of the Galaxy Ring.

But, until then, we're relying on patents, insider knowledge, and previous launch cycles to glean as much information as we can. Check out our full guide for all that.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 3

WareableSamsung Galaxy Fit 3

ETA: H1 2024

When the Galaxy Fit 3 was the subject of a major breach in late 2023, we expected it to form part of the company's January Unpacked event. It didn't happen, but since then the next-gen fitness tracker has been accidentally listed by Samsung itself - indicating its arrival is imminent. 

We expect this one to come in Q1 rather than Q2, given the nature of the leaks we've seen so far, but both are still possible. And, all in all, it's a bit of a surprise one from the company. 

The leaks haven't given us much concrete information, but Samsung has given the line - not seen since the Galaxy Fit 2 launched in 2020 - a big design overhaul. The screen looks much bigger, and that should also mean the case will also be housing an impressive battery. 

We shouldn't have to wait too long for official confirmation on this one. 

OnePlus Watch 2


ETA: February 2024

The original OnePlus Watch was a bit of a disaster, but it appears the company is looking to jump back in for a second go-around early in 2024. 

The OnePlus Watch 2 has already been leaked in full from reliable sources, with it all but confirming the company's Wear OS debut - which would be very welcome given the first generation's software issues - and a complete case redesign.

We initially expected this one to land in January alongside the latest OnePlus handset, but, interestingly, it proved to be a no-show. 

Instead, the company is rumored to be saving this one for Barcelona's Mobile World Congress in late February, so we won't have long to wait until we can bring you a full hands-on look.

Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Pro (global edition)

XiaomiXiaomi Smart Band 8 Pro global edition

ETA: H1 2024

We already know everything there is to know about the Smart Band 8 Pro, on account of its launch in the company's native China last summer, but we're still awaiting the global edition of the premium tracker. 

We'll likely hear something in Q1 - especially based on previous launches in wider regions - and we do know the company certified the device abroad back in November. 

A filing of this nature is a good indication that an official announcement is coming soon, but we're still yet to hear anything from Xiaomi. Could it provide an update at MWC? We'll be on hand to find out.

Honor Band 9

WareableHonor Band 9

ETA: H1 2024

We know what you're thinking - what about the Honor Band 8?

Well, according to a recently uncovered Honor certification, the brand is preparing to skip over the eighth-gen model and jump straight to the Band 9. 

At present, nothing else is known about the next Honor tracker, but we're hoping for a bit more of a leap between generations than what we saw with its predecessor. 

Typically, despite now being separated, we see Honor copy Huawei's homework in the fitness tracker space. We don't see why things would be any different this time around, but an announcement would appear to be imminent.

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