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Google Pixel Watch 3: Tracking the latest rumors and release date predictions

Everything we know so far about the third-gen smartwatch
Wareable Google Pixel Watch 3 rumor tracker
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The Google Pixel Watch 3 is already the subject of major leaks and rumors, despite the fact the smartwatch isn't expected to launch until the back end of 2024. 

The Pixel Watch 2 may still be in the first half of its lifecycle, but it never hurts to look ahead at what might be in store for the next-gen model. 

Below, then, we've rounded up everything we know so far - there's release date speculation, potential price information, and a tracker of all the latest reports that have emerged. 

It's best to take everything with a grain of salt at this early stage, but here's everything we know so far about the Pixel Watch 3.

Google Pixel Watch 3: Release date

WareableGoogle Pixel Watch 3 release date

Through two generations, Google has proven very consistent with its launch schedule.

Both the original Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2 were announced in the first week of October before a release the following week. 

The Pixel Watch was fully revealed (after a teaser from the company earlier in the year) on Thursday, 6 October 2022 ahead of a Thursday, 13 October 2022 release (in the US). 

This was followed by the Pixel Watch 2's announcement on Wednesday, 4 October 2023, with it later hitting store shelves on Thursday, 12 October 2023.

At this stage, there's nothing to suggest this won't again be the formula used for the Pixel Watch 3.

And, in that event, we can extrapolate that the Pixel Watch 3 is likely to be announced on 2-3 October before a 10 October 2024 launch.

We'll update this section when we have some kind of official announcement regarding a 'Made by Google' event for later in the year, a potential teaser at Google I/O in the spring, or any leaked info.

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Should you wait for the Pixel Watch 3?

At the time of writing, we're still more than six months away from the potential arrival of the Pixel Watch 3 - and, thus, we don't currently recommend waiting for the smartwatch.

The Pixel Watch 2 is an excellent smartwatch - our pick for the best Wear OS watch available - and one that will remain available for the latest software updates for some years. 

With that said, we never recommend pulling the trigger on a current smartwatch unless it fits your needs.

If you're waiting for a particular feature - perhaps something like a larger case size, in the case of the Pixel Watch 3 - then check out some of the latest rumors below to see if it appears set to arrive.

How much will the Pixel Watch 3 cost?

WareableGoogle Pixel Watch 3: Tracking the latest rumors and release date predictions photo 2

As with the release date pattern, Google hasn't deviated when it comes to the price of the first two Pixel Watch generations.

And, again, at least at the moment, there's nothing to suggest it won't stick with the current system for the Pixel Watch 3. 

This would mean that we can expect the Pixel Watch 3 to begin at $349 / £349 - with that rising to $399 / £399 for the LTE edition.

The only potential spanner in the works here is if Google decides to offer an additional case size - or completely mix up the case sizes and features.

In this event, we could see either a lower or higher starting price for the cheapest Pixel Watch 3. 

The eventual pricing is anybody's guess at this stage, so we'll update this section when we have more concrete info. 

Google Pixel Watch 3: Latest rumors

WareableGoogle Pixel Watch 3: Tracking the latest rumors and release date predictions photo 3

Rumors and insider information are currently very light, which is to be expected considering how far away we are from any potential Pixel Watch 3 launch.

However, based on recent patents and the odd leak, the early picture is beginning to take shape. Below, we'll list all the credible Pixel Watch 3 rumors.

An additional case size

The Pixel Watch 2 may be an excellent device, but the fact Google didn't introduce a bigger case size was a huge disappointment. For the Pixel Watch 3, thankfully, this is looking likely to change. 

A report from January suggested that Google is planning two Pixel Watch 3 case sizes for release later this year, but the information provided ended there.

It initially meant that we weren't sure whether we'd see two all-new case sizes, or a larger edition introduced alongside the current 41mm case.

Since then, this scrap of information has been beefed up. The latest reports suggest that Google will do the latter and introduce a 45mm Pixel Watch 3 alongside a standard 41mm model. Huzzah!

The home for Wear OS 5

It's not just hardware changes that we're expecting for the Pixel Watch 3 - new software is also being reported to debut through the smartwatch (and Galaxy Watch 7).

It seems as though Samsung and Google are preparing Wear OS 5 for launch later this year, though it's currently unclear what kind of upgrades we could see for the platform. 

This would break Google's habit of delivering a major Wear OS update alongside every other Android update, but it's also likely Google wants to move to annual updates, too. We await more word on this one.

Touch-sensitive bezel

The dead space on the Pixel Watch display may have been hidden well by the black background of Wear OS in the first two generations, but we would love to see this inner bezel put to some use.

And we may just get our wish in the Pixel Watch 3. 

In a patent filing uncovered by Wareable, Google explains how sensors within the housing of the watch's display could be used to control actions on the device. These sensors would respond to presses, taps, squeezes, and swipe gestures and would have specific uses for different apps.

The other wrinkle to this potential design change is that it would negate the need for the side button and crown, Google says. 

Whether we see it in the Pixel Watch 3 remains to be seen, of course, but it would certainly represent a dramatic and useful design shift.

Wareablepixel watch patent

Gesture control

We've already seen Apple push forward modern gesture control with the introduction of Double Tap through the Series 9 and Ultra 2, but Google could be planning a move of its own with the forthcoming Pixel Watch 3. 

According to another patent filing spotted by Wareable, Google explains how a radio frequency-based system could be used to track hand and finger movements on a micro-scale.

The result would be less requirement for the user to perform touch interactions with the screen.

The radio-based gesture tech described in the patent can overcome the hardware limitations of current systems, thanks to a simpler single-radar emitting element and antenna, though it's unclear whether this is something that's being slated to arrive as early as the Pixel Watch 3. 

Watch Unlock set for UWB boost

Google introduced Watch Unlock as a way for the Pixel Watch and Pixel phones connected via Bluetooth to smoothen the unlocking process. And a new report suggests Google will build on this feature through the Pixel Watch 3. 

According to 9to5Mac - who has dug around in the Google Play Services code - references to ultra-wideband (UWB) have been found alongside Watch Unlock codewords, suggesting the feature is being planned for the future.

If it did arrive through the Pixel Watch 3, we would expect Watch Unlock to work even quicker and over a bigger range than Bluetooth.

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